Capital Door Solutions offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for any type of door.

Our service staff brings over 30 years of combined experience with servicing and maintaining high traffic door systems in almost every application and in a broad range of different facilities.

  • Health Care

    We understand the challenges health care facilities are faced with while trying to maintain a delicate balance of patient safety, accessibility and security.

  • Educational

    We offer a wide range of security door and frame options for new or existing schools that keeps the best interest of school-aged children and school staff in mind.

  • Retail

    We provide integrated entrance solutions for retail facilities such as stand-alone stores, shopping mall entrances and restaurants.

  • Industrial

    We realize that for every hour your industrial door is not working properly, you have lost man hours and interrupted the normal flow of goods, which can results in tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

  • Institutional

    We know that safety, convenience, function and design are vital to a successful solution, as well as ensuring that the correct level of security is achieved.

  • Goverment

    The entrance for a public facility should enhance the experience of the visitor as well as provide convenience and security for your employees.

We take great pride in our work and we consider a job well done a meaningful accomplishment.

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